Versatility (Variations on a Theme)

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I love dubstep... to a point. What I really hate is filth-mongering (and I'm glad that I grew out of it). Some artist spends five minutes putting together a basic drum setup and some sloppy, boring wobble with no imagination whatsoever -- just like pop music. Also just like pop music, the audience eats it up with very little analysis on their part, praising the artist as if he's some sort of genius, leaving comments such as "I luv dis snog justin bieber suxx dikc lololllolloll" "720p IS EPIC," "34 people don't know what music is," and what is slowly becoming a classic, "filthier than a filth on a filth sandwich with filth on top from a filth's filth."

This pisses me off to no end.

So to throw in some diversity, I've decided to take a stand. I've decided to make dubstep without a wobble. And, to prove that I can actually make some breaks, I've added a jungle and DnB section. If you can make dubstep, you should also know how to make her smoking-hot cousin.

As someone who has actively listened to genres such as hip-hop, metal, and hard house music, I hate it when someone sees a group of idiotic, tone-deaf listeners, assumes that they are the sole audience, and throws all audience members into the same stereotype. I consider this song an opportunity to prove that type of judgement wrong.

Listen for the entire 8:40. It's worth it.


from 219, released May 25, 2011
Matty G, Flux Pavilion, DJ Fresh, and Pendulum for the influences.




DJ NTD Texas

I truly believe that music is the most expressive and effective outlet for emotions, thoughts, and ideas. With this in mind, I consider the assembly-line, money-first musical culture that surrounds me to be a disease. I intend to avoid this disease by whatever means brings peace to my conscience. ... more

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