Beach Party

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This was a way of keeping in touch with the old school, disco-esque house and funk-based eurodance that this generation of ravers was exposed to before more contemporary forms of both genres came about, and I can't say that I'm incredibly proud either genre at the moment.

House is getting particularly plucky, restrained, and empty. While some songs are intentionally chill, tracks that are intended to fill the dance floor leave me no urge to dance whatsoever. Eurodance, while the genre's structure has always been repetitive from song-to-song, it feels more so than usual. Same kick, same bass, same clap, same sawtooth. It has slowly become an assembly line genre. While there are shining examples of how to do either genre correctly, they're diamonds in the dirt...and there is a LOT of dirt.

With this in mind, I constantly yearn for those old-school styles. Although these styles are preserved through artists such as Daft Punk, Treasure Fingers, Jamiroquai, and Scooter, in addition to the various tracks of way-back-when, I had the urge to make one myself. Continuously inspired by the beach house styles of Treasure Fingers and Rune, I present Beach Party, a track that (hopefully) gets people moving and gives them nostalgia of styles of the past.


from 219, released May 25, 2011
"Yes yes, here we go" was sampled from Showtek (if I recall correctly)
"Woo! Yeah!" was sampled from James Brown (Obviously. That sample has been around since the Stone Age)
"Let's do it" was sampled from Slipmatt




DJ NTD Texas

I truly believe that music is the most expressive and effective outlet for emotions, thoughts, and ideas. With this in mind, I consider the assembly-line, money-first musical culture that surrounds me to be a disease. I intend to avoid this disease by whatever means brings peace to my conscience. ... more

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