Provider, Tamer, Destroyer


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    "'Provider, Tamer, Destroyer is not the usual symphony. Rarely do symphonies consist entirely of fast pieces or change genres. Rarely is a symphony composed entirely of synthetic instruments. It is, nonetheless, a symphony which plays at the strings of the heart.

    This particular work reflects upon mankind's relationship with nature as well as mankind's overall cultural development, past to relative present. Everybody knows the history. Multiple interpretations exist in textbook, TV, video, and satire form. But has anyone tried to tell this epic through music? If not, allow me to break new ground."

    - Opening paragraphs from the essay




In English 1310, the final grade would be a project, in either purely written or artistic form. The former would require 4-10 pages. The latter required 2 pages minimum. Guess which one I chose?

We weren't given a very specific topic to begin with. We could write whatever we want, so long as it effectively discussed/expressed the nature-culture binary that we studied that unit.

Being the spineless piece of garbage that I am, I got a minor yet notable anxiety attack. I began calming down, said, "Why the Hell not," took two projects already in progress and one new one, and decided to put a symphony together.

As far as my professor's reception is concerned, I can't complain. I got an A in that class.


released December 25, 2010

Sound effects are from Vocal samples are from and recorded by Brian Craig Ceely.




DJ NTD Texas

I truly believe that music is the most expressive and effective outlet for emotions, thoughts, and ideas. With this in mind, I consider the assembly-line, money-first musical culture that surrounds me to be a disease. I intend to avoid this disease by whatever means brings peace to my conscience. ... more

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