Gemini - Fire Inside (DJ NTD Remix)


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This track probably lost relevance ages ago, but I've been at it off and on, due to both matters outside of producing and the occasional producer's block. Still, it's I'm way too proud of how it turned out to pass up an upload.

In all honesty, I'm rather disappointed by the original and MrFijiWiji's remix. For a track called "Fire Inside" and the power of the vocals, the backing music sure is held back and chilled, almost bordering on boring. It honestly made me feel like someone was suffering. Maybe that was the idea, but in my opinion, it certainly doesn't fit. The Day One's Lonely Hearts remix is the best remix I've heard, given that the backing music justifies the vocals.

But here's my take on it. My buddy Keith (With the stage name Elevon) has been putting hardcore into my mind, so I figured I'd give Fire Inside a hardcore spin. I have a chill dubstep and a hard trance track in mind next. When I actually get around to finishing them is a mystery.


released August 17, 2013




DJ NTD Texas

I truly believe that music is the most expressive and effective outlet for emotions, thoughts, and ideas. With this in mind, I consider the assembly-line, money-first musical culture that surrounds me to be a disease. I intend to avoid this disease by whatever means brings peace to my conscience. ... more

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